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Freedom Programme


Our Freedom Programme courses are for women who have been affected by domestic abuse and provide a safe space to share stories, recognise traits of abusers and discuss life after abuse.

The aim of our Freedom Programme course is to empower women to make informed choices about healthy relationships and to identify 'red flag' behaviours. The course highlights 8 common character traits of an abuser and contrasts these with the traits of a respectful partner. It allows space to discuss personal experiences in a confidential group with other women who have had similar lived experiences. We also discuss life after abuse and signpost to various support organisations.

Our 10-week Freedom Programmes are delivered throughout the year by trained facilitators, and are for any Mum with a child under 5 years of age (they do not need to be receiving any other Home Start South Warwickshire support to be welcomed into a group). Group sizes are kept small, at around 8 Mums, to encourage relationships to grow and enable the participants to build themselves a supportive network of women who share similar experiences. 


We can assist with transport for those who need it, and also run a creche for the children of the women who come. This is another important benefit of the group, as it allows Mums to talk freely, knowing their children are safe and having fun, learning, playing and building relationships with other children and our team of creche volunteers.

Our aim in running The Freedom Programme is to help to break the cycle of abuse for the next generation.

For more information about the Freedom Programme, please visit their website You are also very welcome to borrow any of the Freedom Programme books we have available.

Approximately one third of the families that come to us have been affected by domestic abuse. Abuse can have long lasting effects on the victim and the children in the family.

“Freedom has given me the strength and knowledge to be the best I can for myself and my children”

- Freedom Programme attendee

“Freedom has really helped me. It has allowed me to realise what I've needed to do to have healthy relationships"

- Freedom Programme attendee

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