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Dad Matters is an ambition to change the way dads are thought of by all services involved in the perinatal period and beyond. Dad Matters South Warwickshire exists to see dads, particularly those who might fall through the gaps, happy and content in being a dad. We can provide support for new dads, within the perinatal period, which we consider to be conception to 2 years.

Dad Matters is designed to help enable dads to:

  • Understand how important they are to their baby’s development

  • Acknowledge the crucial impact their own mental health has on their baby

  • Feel confident and motivated in reaching out for support at the right time and from the right people


Our approach is underpinned by the concept of peer support: families supporting families, dads supporting dads.

To find out more email, Abi our Dad Matters Coordinator -

Dad Matters

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