All parents struggle at one time or another. For some, the challenges can be greater. You are not alone.

How to get help

Our services

We match the needs of the family with a trained volunteer who provides emotional and practical support.  Support is free, confidential and non-judgemental.  Our home visiting volunteers call by every week, for a couple of hours, for as long as the family needs support, or until the youngest child turns five.


Our volunteers may be able to help set up routines, assist with setting boundaries, offer emotional support, give a helping hand with organising time or with household routines but also maybe free up time for you to take a shower or get the washing sorted out.


Volunteers are carefully matched with a family and are there to befriend and support rather than to take over or instruct. 


We also provide support through a range of groups, parenting programmes and specialist projects.

Get support for you and your family

Being a parent is never easy. Without support, families can feel alone or isolated.

We are here to offer compassionate, confidential support to families where:


  • Parents are experiencing emotional health difficulties like post-natal depression or anxiety.

  • Life feels unstable because of financial worries, relationship issues or living in poor housing.

  • Parents are finding the early years of their children’s lives demanding and would like help.

  • Children have disabilities or developmental delays.


Home-Start Family Testimonials

I’ve been really poorly with my second pregnancy as well as having a 3 year old son.  I’m a single parent too and the support offered by Home-Start has helped me massively. I gave birth to my second premature baby who weighed a tiny 3lb 2oz. My volunteer was with me at his birth so I wasn’t alone in my c-section. Being so tiny I didn’t have any clothes for him and I was given a lovely baby care package which included some premature baby clothes which was so thoughtful, meaning I wasn’t stressing about affording them and buying them. It means a lot to me to be able to dress my baby while he’s in hospital. And Home-Start has also organized volunteer lifts for me so I have transport to see my baby. I am forever grateful to Home-Start who have made me feel less alone and not left me struggling.


Cody, Mum of 2

Local Home-Start South Warwickshire family

‘My volunteer just understands what I need. Each week she sees where I’m struggling and she just slips in to help. Without any judgement or making me feel inadequate’

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Local Home-Start South Warwickshire family

‘I met my volunteer just before lockdown and I’m so pleased that this happened. It was great to have someone to message who was non family because I could talk and vent. Also when we started going for walks it was just time for me because I told my husband he had to look after our little girl while I was out! And while we were walking we were chatting about everything and when I got back home it felt like my head had cleared’



Due to an increasing number of referrals into our service, we are unfortunately having to close our doors to new referrals for the time being.


We are a volunteer-led befriending service and are reliant on the generosity, time and commitment of our volunteers. If you could help us reach more families by volunteering for us, please get in touch at


We will let you know when we are re-open for referrals. Thank you for understanding.