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Team of 24 Tackles Spring Wolf Run for Home-Start South Warwickshire

A formidable team of 24, comprising 23 incredible mums and one fearless man are gearing up to take on the challenge of a lifetime at the Spring Wolf Run on April 27th. This 10K obstacle race will test their limits as they navigate through mud pits, scale towering walls, and conquer every obstacle in their path. But this is more than just a race - it's a mission to create a better future for families in need

"We're a brilliant team of 24 embarking on the Wolf Run 10K on the 27th of April. For most of us, our first 10K obstacle race. From mud pits to climbing walls, we're ready to tackle it all to create a better future for the families Home-Start South Warwickshire supports," said Jemma Bonner, one of the team members.

The team, consisting of Kate, Jemma, Cora, Susie, Jen, Kate, Julie, Chris, Laura, Lisa, Sam, Sinead, Emma, Milly, Catriona, Bryony, Sarah, Jenny, Stacey, Helen, Georgina, Rachel, Sarah, and Angela, is driven by a shared commitment to support the charity dedicated to assisting vulnerable families with young children.

"I was once a Mum of two children under 2, and although I was lucky enough to have a wonderful family and support system in place, I still found it tough at times. So many families don’t have anyone to turn to, especially when their children are young," said Kate Melly, one of the team members.
"That's why I wanted to get involved and raise money for Home-Start South Warwickshire. Their work is vital in providing support to families who may not have the same resources and network that I did.”

The funds raised will go towards providing essential one to one home visiting support, resources, support networks and groups to young families with children under the age of five. Every stride, every obstacle conquered, and every drop of sweat shed by this determined team will contribute to providing vital assistance to those in need. By rallying together, they aim to give children a brighter future and create a lasting positive impact in their community.

"We want to express our sincere gratitude to the remarkable Wolf Run team for their dedication and fundraising efforts. It's particularly heartening to know that many of these wonderful individuals are mothers themselves, intimately acquainted with the challenges of parenting young children. Thanks to their kindness and generosity, we're able to maintain our essential services, providing vital support to families living in South Warwickshire." Marie Ashford, Charity Operations Manager at Home-Start South Warwickshire

You can join them in their journey by supporting their Wolf Run challenge. Your generosity will not only inspire them to push through every obstacle but will also make a tangible difference in the lives of families who rely on the invaluable support provided by Home-Start South Warwickshire.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit:


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