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Dad Matters Warwickshire

DAD MATTERS; to mum, to baby, to everyone…

Dad Matters is an ambition to change the way dads are thought of by all services involved in the perinatal period and beyond. Dad Matters Warwickshire exists to see all dads in the county, particularly those who might fall through the gaps, happy and content in being a dad. We can provide support for new dads, within the perinatal period, which we consider to be conception to 2 years.

This is a joint project with Barnardos, By Your Side, Home Start South Warwickshire and The Parenting Project to develop and deliver a range of support for Dads in the pre- and post-natal period

Dad Matters is designed to help enable dads to:

  • Understand how important they are to their baby’s development

  • Acknowledge the crucial impact their own mental health has on their baby

  • Feel confident and motivated in reaching out for support at the right time and from the right people

Our approach is underpinned by the concept of peer support: families supporting families, dads supporting dads.

There are several ways we will do this, these include:

  • A presence at clinics, maternity departments and antenatal classes to engage with new dads, providing support, information and signposting. We also build relationships with professionals, so they are aware of Dad Matters Warwickshire and what we offer, to be able to refer new dads to us for support. Support we offer takes many forms, for example we have regular drop-in sessions where dads can pop by for a chat, in a safe space that is completely confidential. We are also working with local groups for dads to ensure these are visible to anyone who wishes to access them and give dads an opportunity to meet other dads for support.

  • Our Dad Matters Warwickshire Facebook page, this can be used to give local information such as events and signposting. We will also have closed groups dads can join to ask questions and chat to other dads. The Dad Matters UK website provides invaluable information and advice (

  • We will recruit Dad Champions, volunteers with lived experience who can provide help and support for new dads. Dad Champions will enable us to reach more new dads through our outreach. Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

For more information, please email

Abi Hall, Dad Matters Warwickshire Coordinator


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