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‘Without Home-Start life would be manic, stressful and lonely'

Cody Blake was put in touch with Home-Start South Warwickshire when she was hospitalised due to complications during her second pregnancy. Home-Start volunteer Marie Ashford supported her with care for her three-year-old, Logan, as well as with emotional support when Cody faced an emergency C-section.

“Marie didn’t leave my side until baby Finley was safely delivered. When you have a baby, you want to share the experience with someone. Facing it alone feels so lonely, so isolating. Having Marie there turned it into something positive.

“Marie only left when I was settled on a ward and returned the next day with premature baby clothes including sleep suits, hats, nappies and vests. It was such a huge relief because I had nothing that would fit my tiny 3lb baby.

“Finley and I were in hospital for a week and then he was transferred to the neonatal unit at Warwick Hospital following a bleed on the brain. I don’t drive so visiting Finley would require a six-bus round-trip, but even then the timings made it impossible. The thought of not being able to see my baby was unbearable. I couldn’t face not being able to feed or change him. But one phone call from Home-Start removed all that stress. Marie told me they’d received funding from the John Lewis and Waitrose Give A Little Love campaign that they could use to transport me to and from the hospital, so that I could visit and bond with my baby. I cried with relief.

“Without Home-Start life would be manic, stressful and lonely. During the first lockdown I felt so alone and isolated. I don’t feel like that anymore. I feel like I have family, I have people in my life who care for me and the kids. I’m especially touched that even people who don’t know me, people I’ve never met, provided such kindness and support that meant that I could be with my baby during those precious first few weeks.”


For more information on how Home-Start South Warwickshire can support you and your family please visit our Support Page

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